Monday, August 10, 2009

Our next vacation

We decided that the next vacation we want to go on in about a month or so is to swim....with...manatees. We really like snorkeling and what could be better than snorkeling with a bunch of manatees. We loved snorkeling in Maui and swimming with dolphins was pretty much the most fun we've ever had in our lives. Manatees are so playful and docile I think it would be a really neat experience. It's also cool that the river water is so clear, like swimming in the ocean.

Blake came across this article tonight and it has inspired our destination choosing. This was from a list on of the "10 best spots to snorkel in the world"

The info from the article...
Crystal River, Florida

The best place in the country to experience the gentle West Indian manatee is in the springs and protected estuary of this coastal hamlet. Guides will gladly help you with manatee etiquette; for instance, gentle contact is allowed, but only if initiated by the manatee.
On-site secret: Swim slowly and stay calm and you may enjoy a manatee encounter for 15 minutes or more. Keep an eye out for: a whiskery face nuzzle, a flipper hug and a full-body rub. Though the manatee defines your interaction, they can be very sociable.

Tracy's side-note...After researching more, I just found out that there are alligators in Crystal River.... not surprising in Florida that may be a deal breaker for me. Should it be? What are your thoughts? Would you go?